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Efficient. Private. Ideal for individuals


Work Stations

The most practical way to get some work done

The Best In The Business

Leading the charge; the bullpen way. Because we strive not to meet standards, but to redefine them

Change is in the air

The marketplace is evolving. With more entrepreneurs entering the fray with every passing day, the market for office space has never been more competitive, and indeed, the prices have never been more steep. Coworking spaces offer a much needed cost-effective, no-maintenance alternative to conventional office space.


Why Work With Us?

The small differences that matter

We envisioned The Bullpen as a coworking space that showcased the best qualities of a shared office space, as well as those of private office space. We believe in flexibility, in providing personalised service to every individual or business operating within our walls.


Coffee, Internet, a space where you can work in your zone; these are just the essentials we provide. What distinguishes The Bullpen from anyone else in our business is our commitment to you, the entrepreneur. Our dedication to providing you the sort of environment, populated by the sort of minds, that not only supports and fosters your ambitions, but brings out the best in YOU as a business.


In short it’s you. What makes The Bullpen the best coworking space in Karachi is our dedication to you.

Keeping you posted
Got snail mail or a package coming in? We’ll take care of it
Keeping you connected
We have two high-speed internet services installed so that your work is never delayed
Keeping the lights on
We’ll keep the bills paid and the generator refueled, so that your work is never interrupted
Keeping the place clean
Each of our floors are diligently manned by our capable staff. Not only will they keep the place spotless for you and your clients, but they’ll ensure you never have to leave your desk for a menial task.
Keeping you caffeinated
Need your daily caffeine fix to get going in the morning? We’ve got you covered around the clock.
Keeping you fed
The Lunch Area is always open, and there’s always something delicious being served. Eat what you’ve brought or browse through our options.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A coworking space is an office space that is shared concurrently by multiple enterprises or entrepreneurs

Renting a desk or workstation at The Bullpen entails the following benefits:

  • Electricity (Primary and Backup)
  • Plumbing
  • Maintenance
  • High speed internet
  • House-keeping

All individuals or entites who are clients at The Bullpen may pre-book our Corporate Event Space, subject to availability.

The bullpen is strategically located in a developing commercial where a majority of plots have not been utilised, therefore there is ample parking available for everyone.

Our agreements usually cover a period of at least 6 months.

We require a month’s notice prior to leaving.

We are located in Ittehad Commercial area, Phase 6, DHA, near ayesha masjid. Click here to view detailed contact information.

We have a conference room for meetings available, it is equipped with boards and multimedia facility for presentations etc.

Customers reviews

I really liked this coworking space. It maintains the corporate environment that others miss out on. Great for meetings with clients!
Founder - Zaidi Associate
Budget friendly and attentive staff. This means that i can focus on the running my business and not worry about taking care of office maintenance
Founder - Hekate
Its my 3rd month here and i feel like it deserves a review, the owner of the establishment runs everything himself to make sure everything is taken care off. The response time is quick. believe it or not it has actually helped me grow my freelance work
Digital Marketing Consultant
In search of Coworking space in Karachi, I am glad I found this place, Its such a great peaceful place to work at without any distractions, I highly recommend this to freelancers who want to work efficiently
SEO Engineer

Our Locations

Building 11 - C, Ittehad Lane 3, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.

Khalid Commercial Area, Phase 7 Ext, DHA Karachi.