How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Coworking Space

Rent A Coworking Space

As you step into a Coworking space you will have a totally different feeling than a traditional office. You get to experience the aura of combined energies that create a synergetic domain. The biggest advantage to rent a Coworking space is that it offers variety of options that best suits your professional needs.

Let’s see how much it costs to rent a Coworking space here at Bullpen, just according to your need.

Work Stations:

If you are an individual working on your own, looking to connect with others to exchange ideas and collaborate for projects. You will surely need a clean and organized place to sit back, communicate and concentrate on what you do the best. Freelancers get tired of working from home or from a noisy cafe. We have a cost friendly extremely comfortable option for you that is our work station. We provide you with your own personal desk with separate electric ports, 24 hour high speed Wi-Fi, general utilities. To top it all we give you one free session of the conference room per month in case you need to have a meeting with your clients or colleagues. The cost of this work station ranges from 9k-12k/month. The smell of coffee with the energetic vibes of the occupants is enlightens the environment of the space.

Private Office:

Freelancers working with local as well as international clients often look for quiet and clean places to work. They need a professional place to focus on their work and staying back home lowers their productivity and motivation. They do not rent a Coworking space because of the fact that they would have to work with other people and it might distracts them and they would end up losing focus. In such case our private office suits the best. It enables them to discipline themselves along with occasionally networking with others. The cost of our private office ranges from 23k to 50k per month.

Team Rooms:

Small startups wanting to avoid overhead expenses as well as maintenance burden tend to opt for Coworking spaces. As there are no setup costs and the Coworking membership includes all of it, most of the small businesses around the world are flocking to it. Bullpen provides team rooms for such startups ranging from 40-55K per month. It includes all the amenities as well as ten conference room sessions for meetings.

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