How co-working spaces are trending in Karachi?

How Co-working spaces are trending in karachi?

The market place is changing. More and more people are opting for coworking spaces. In a growing and bustling city like Karachi all those with an ambition to make a name for themselves wish to focus all their efforts on the work. As millionaire entrepreneur Gary vynerchuck says “double down on your strengths and outsource the weaknesses.

Here are Seven reasons why coworking spaces are becoming the trend in Karachi:

  • It costs less to get a workstation or a hot desk or a dedicated desk then to get an office for themselves. By opting for a coworking space you only pay for the space that you use, while the common areas are shared by all individuals. For someone in an early phase of their career, a startup or even a company that wants to cut down on its expenditures prefer co working spaces simply because it is more feasible.
  • For a lot of freelancers, it is often a huge problem trying to get clients to take them seriously simply on the bases of the fact that they do not have a commercial address or an office. Many co working spaces including the Bullpen Karachi offer a virtual presence where you get business address and even a phone number to represent your business. That way your company/brand becomes more legitimate.
  • Coworking spaces are a great way to network with people. You get to meet people of both of all fields. In doing so you can find work by connecting with those that require your skills/services. You also get to network with people around you and create important contacts. Networking is considered the most important factor in an individual’s success. Coworking spaces like the bullpen Karachi can help with that.
  • Hassle free! People would rather worry about their work than worry about utility bill payments and maintenance.
  • Tea and coffee fixes are always available. The Bullpen Karachi’s coffee and tea bars are functional 24/7 where we provide the best coffee and tea at subsidized rates so that our members have their juices flowing without hurting their pockets.
  • Its nice to be part of a co working community. The Bullpen Karachi takes their clients work personally. We want to help our members grow in whatever way they can and offer our help to aid your business.
  • Coworking spaces often have conferences and seminars taking place. A lot of those events are open to the members for them to attend and engage in discussion with like-minded individuals.
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